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AddOn Networks is the largest, longest running and the world’s only global independent provider of fibre-optic transceivers and high-speed cabling. In business for over 20 years, AddOn has deep experience offering solutions for data centre, enterprise and service provider networks, and offers a complete range of products from 100MB to 400GB. Every product supplied works seamlessly across all OEM platforms and systems. All products meet and exceed all levels of OEM functionality, performance and have a documented reliability rating of >99.98%.

  • First-class quality: Every application is tested in host environment with 0.02% failure rate 
  • Reduce number of suppliers: Single source for all transceivers
  • Cost: Up to 70% cheaper than OEM
  • Extended range: More choices that the OEM might not offer, including Bidi, 80/120/160km reach and WDM. Speeds 100MB to 400GB
  • Inventory management: Multi-coded to work with more than 100 OEMs, including Cisco
  • Next day shipping available: 95% of orders ship within 24 hours


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