More than 1 access point?

Working to position a large, high-demanding network, or a small, price sensitive deal? Cisco has the perfect controller to fit your requirements.


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Mobility Express (MobEx)

Most of the access points have a built-in controllers, with features that comply with most of the project requirements. Mobility Express provides redundancy, scalability (up to 50 or 100 APs) and integration with ISE and Cisco DNA Spaces. Request your technical training and learn how to set up an integration with ISE and DNA Spaces.

Cisco DNA Essentials – Cisco DNA Advantage – Cisco DNA Premier

When an external controller is required, you select one of the following packages. These contain the license to activate the advanced management features that the controller and Cisco DNA Center offer.

Cisco DNA Essentials activates the basic Cisco DNA Center features on your Cisco DNA Center server and Prime Infrastructure, including:

  • AP License
  • Base Automation(Plug and Play, Network Site Design and Device Provisioning);
  • Element Management (Image Management, Network Topology and Discovery);
  • Base Assurance(Health Dashboards – Network, Client & Application Health Element Management, AP Floor- and Coverage map, Application Visibility, Pre-defined Reports, Rogue management and detection*).

Cisco DNA Advantage activates all the Cisco DNA Center features on your DNA Center server. It contains all the Cisco DNA Essentials Features, including:

  • Advanced Automation(Location Plug and Play, Automated ISE integration for guests, Policy-based Automation);
  • Assurance and Analytics (Proactive Issue Detection and Guided Remediation, Apple iOS Insights, Aironet Active Sensor Tests, Application performance ‘Packet Loss, Latency and Jitter’, App 360, AP 360, Client 360 and WLC 360, SD-Access* (Policy-based) Assurance, Client Location Heatmaps*)
  • Cisco DNA Spaces See: to analyse the footfall of your customers and deliver business insights.


Cisco DNA Premier adds the required ISE to run your policy engine and SD-Access. & gives you the option to get the full Cisco DNA Spaces Act at 50% off: to engage with your consumer or business and provide professional portals.

Do you need a server?

Refer to our 1-pager for more information and details on which server is best for you to support Cisco DNA Center and/or ISE.


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