Get more from your Wi-Fi with DNA Spaces


Cisco DNA Spaces is the world’s most powerful location platform that leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give you actionable insights and drive business outcomes. Watch our explanation video to get ready selling Cisco DNA. Interested? Ask for  90-days trial, test the DNA Spaces for FREE here.

What is Cisco DNA Spaces?

Enterprises operating in the physical world have limited to no visibility into the behavior of people and connected assets within their buildings. Cisco DNA Spaces solves this physical blindspot problem by sensing location intelligence from all underlying Cisco wireless network and translating them into business ready insights. It also offers a variety of digitization toolkits, SDKs, APIs and partner apps with end-end monitoring and support to turn these insights into action. In summary, Cisco DNA Spaces extends your wireless network from going beyond connectivity into digitizing your properties.

What Cisco hardware does Cisco DNA Spaces support?

Cisco DNA Spaces supports all Cisco wireless infrastructure : Aironet/Catalyst & Meraki, forward and backward compatible. Based on your type of infrastructure, we have a way to connect you to Cisco DNA Spaces cloud.

What level of data granularity is supported by Cisco DNA Spaces?

Cisco DNA Spaces supports varying accuracy levels from presence to hyperlocation, dependent on your existing network infrastructure and how you’ve distributed your Access Points. Real time location is computed based on the location hierarchy defined in Cisco DNA Spaces.

What are the user roles and access available for Cisco DNA Spaces?

Cisco DNA Spaces comes with a default admin user account and password. An admin user can define role based access for other users from your enterprise and invite, edit, and delete user privileges. When adding new users to your account, admin can assign location specific (access to one property, multiple properties, group/brand/category based access, etc.) and read-only privileges.

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