Check security cameras anywhere in the world – Meraki Video (MV)

Meraki provides networking in the cloud, but did you know that you can seamlessly integrate your security camera’s I your IT-infrastructure? You can with Meraki Video (MV).

Cloud-first security cameras

The MV family brings Meraki magic to the enterprise video security world. Impossibly simple to deploy, configure and manage, MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.

Your security video wall anytime, Anywhere

Stream security video’s local and remote. View your customizable video walls from anywhere in the world using the Meraki dashboard in your web browser.

Automatic Network Detection

The Meraki dashboard will automatically detect whether the viewing computer is in the local network or somewhere remote. Local streaming video never goes to the cloud, saving bandwidth, while remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud, allowing it to be viewed from anywhere.


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