Mobility Express Access Points

For the most simple ánd the most challenging environments

Wireless from A to Z: Cisco provides Wi-Fi for everyone with the 802.11 AC-Wave2 (WiFi5) access points including Mobility Express and the new WiFi6 access points.

Mobility Express 5 minutes:


What does Mobility Express do?

The 802.11 AC-Wave2 access points from Cisco provide Wi-Fi for everyone: from the most simple to the most challenging environments.

Are you facing deployment with little or no IT staff? Most of the APs can embed controller functions without having to add licenses or extra hardware. Discover Cisco’s Mobility Express series!

Are you facing interference that leads to bad video or voice quality? Some of the APs have a chip-set that solve just that by understanding where the interference comes from. Discover Cisco’s CleanAir and VideoSteam series!

Are you facing high ceilings or do you need coverage in a hallway or a warehouse? Select an AP with external antennas and select the antenna that has the desired radiation pattern. Discover Cisco’s Antenna selection.

Are you building an IoT network or a smart city? Take a look at the External access points.

Download video training Mobility Access Points
Download the full video for more information about Mobility Access Points.


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