Routers made simple: Cisco’s ISR 4000 and ISR 1000 Series

Simplify your day-to-day IT-management with the Cisco 4000 and 1000 Integrated Service Router (ISR) Series.

In 5 minutes:

What does the ISR-series do?

An ISR is an ideal ‘edge’ device and can act as the gateway for many different technologies.

  • The UC Gateway connects voice and video traffic to PSTN, SIP or other networks. Just add an UC license and you’re ready to go!
  • The Security Network Gatewayconnects you network and enforces who can access what. Basic security is added in any ISR with a SEC license or any Cisco ISR-DNA device (with Network Essentials or Advantage).
  • The SD-WAN Gateway connects sites using site-to-site VPNs and provides insights in what is happening in these VPN tunnels. This way you can for instance prioritize voice traffic over normal downloads between the sites, and much more (part of the Cisco DNA and C1 licenses).

ISR 1000 or ISR 4000?

The ISR 1000 is your edge solution with a pre-defined amount of ports. The ISR4000 is modular, so more port modules can be added in the back of the router. Take a look at the one-pager to find out how many slots each device can support.

Go to work with the Cisco ISR solutions

What do you need to know about the IRS solutions to effectively accelerate your networking operations? Read all about it on our feature page.

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Download this guide for more information about SD-WAN.


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