Smart Accounts

Smart Account

Centralise and Organise your Cisco Licenses.

The short video below will help you to understand how a smart account manages your Cisco licenses. You will also learn how to use it and where to create one.


Before (Without Smart Accounts)

  • Limited view: what licenses does your customer own or effectively use?
  • License delivery via email: licenses are getting lost in transaction.
  • License activation is complex: find the devices’ SN, Generate a license on a website, load a file into the device.
  • License un-portability: your license is stuck on the device hardware.
  • Device replacement is hard: device down? Then your license is lost.

After (With Smart Accounts)

  • Full view: use one portal with your licenses (owned & used), software downloads and licensed devices for each customer.
  • License deliveries are processed directly into your dashboard.
  • License activation is easy: register your new device in the dashboard (just two lines of code).
  • License portability: move licenses across all your company’s devices.
  • Device replacement is easy. Device down? Add a new device and move the license to your new device. It’s that simple!
  • Define who can manage which licenses by using virtual accounts.


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