PART 3: What is in the software?

The Catalyst 9000-series is a revolutionary series of networking LAN-switches, developed by Cisco. This solution delivers unmatched speed, flexibility and insights in your network behavior, while providing the opportunity to make intent-based networking your company standard.




Cisco Catalyst 9000?

Cisco Catalyst 9000 is more than just another switch. The new hardware allows you to:

  • First of all, having a powerful and smart device in your network.
  • Build a security solution in your switch against encrypted traffic (part of Cisco DNA Premier/Stealthwatch);
  • respond quicker on policy rules (part of the Cisco DNA Premier/ISE);
  • provide analytics on traffic flowing through the device (part of Cisco DNA Advantage | Premier / Cisco DNA Center);
  • provide full 360 insights on the traffic (part of any Cisco DNA license / Cisco DNA Center)
  • and host virtual machines (native in some of the devices)

What do the Catalyst 9000-switches have to offer?

Find out how the Catalyst series can help you accelerate your networking operations on our feature page.

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Download Catalyst 9000 video
The full Catalyst 9000 video helps you to understand the new switch series. The video tells you what's in the hardware, what's in the software and how it comes together.

Virtual machines? Yes! By hosting a Python container, this switch becomes fully automated. You can even start talking to it using your every-day chat program:

user icon

"Hi hallway switch, what feature do you have?"


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