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Fast Track promotions

2 May – 31 July 2021

Fast Track promotions offer competitive pricing across a range of products now including Catalyst 1000 and 9200L Series Switches, Cisco 900 Series Routers; Cisco Firepower 1010 NGFW & ASA, attractive discount on Cisco Webex Desk Pro and Cisco Webex Board 55S. You’ll also find fabulous pricing on the Cisco Nexus 3000 and 9000 Series, plus the Cisco MDS 9100 Series Switches.

Cisco Business Fast Track

2 May – 31 July 2021

This promotion is designed to drive incremental revenue with focused Cisco Small Business Routers, Switches and Wireless products. Check out the portfolio on the newly launched Cisco Business Switches, Wireless and Cisco FindIT Network Manager Licenses at a new attractive competitive price.

3PCC Fact Track

2 May – 31 July 2021

Take advantage of compelling discounts of on Cisco collaboration best sellers.

Back in the driving seat with Cisco Webex

Join the race to claim your place on the podium. You could win a VIP Experience worth up to $5,000.

Most Valuable Player

Become the most valuable player and win a fantastic VIP experience valued at $4000.

Buy 4 pay 3 IE switches

Valid until 31 July 2021

Purchase three units of qualifying Cisco Catalyst IE3200 or IE3300 Rugged Series switches and get the fourth switch free.

Buy a Switch and Get a NEW CBW140AC Access Point

Until 31 July 2021

Buy a selected CBS350 Cisco Business Switch and get the new CBW140 Access Point for free. Now available at Comstor.


Buy 3 Cisco Small Business Switches and Get 1 Free

Until 31 July 2021

Buy three Cisco Business switches, choosing from the CBS110 and CBS250 selected models, and you’ll get one free!

Cisco Wireless Starter Kit

Until 31 July 2021

The offer is targeting the DIY’er with smaller Office. It provides up to 3,000 sq/ft of coverage, easy buying motion for non-IT-savvy buyer, plus everything included in the kit.

See More For Less – MV12 Promotion

Until 31 July 2021

The discount is available to all partners on the EMEA price list and applies to all MV12 SKUs (MV-12, MV-12W, MV-12WE). This offer is stackable with OIP for discounts. Available only in Europe.

Meraki Remote Workforce Promotion

Until 31 July 2021

Between now and July 31, 2021 Cisco Meraki channel partners can receive additional discounts on the complete MX and MI product series, hardware and licensing. Please note, the discount applies to net new deals only and cannot be applied to deals created prior to March 20, 2020.

Ignite the Midmarket

Until 31 July 2021

Get additional differentiated discounts that are applied when registering the OIP or TIP opportunities. They are available on select products. Find out more by clicking the button below or download Frequently Asked Question.

Secured Access Bundle

Until 31 July 2021

Take advantage of the FY21 $6B Access Switching & Wifi 6 LDoS refresh opportunity by leveraging these new Secure Access mGig & Wifi6 Bundles. You can drive switch refresh while seeding ‘Free WiFi 6 APs’ into your account and drive upsell with Advantage and Premier DNA SKUs.

Catalyst 9800 Promotion

Until 31 July 2021

Receive a great discount on Cisco 9800 Controller when buying with DNA Subscription.

Cisco Refresh Promotion

Available now

Cisco Refresh helps you make the most of your sales with increased discounts on select switching, routing, collaboration, and other certified remanufactured products.

1st Year on Us
Wireless DNA Promo

Until 31 July 2021

Get 1 Year Free on all Cisco DNA Software for Wireless: Cisco DNA Essentials, Advantage, or Premier.

Win every deal with Comstor


Cisco vs World. Become a positioning Pro with our Like4Like battle card. Here you can download our own, latest Switching and Wireless competitive battle card.

Remote working promotions

Available now

Comstor has put together  home kits offering to ensure employees stay connected and sensitive data protected in remote working environment. Kits are designed to use all available promotions to deliver the best profitability.

Cisco Business Dashboard

Until 31 July 2021

FindIT Network Manager is a network management tool for deploying and maintaining Cisco 100 to 500 Series switches, routers, and wireless access points. And a great tool for you to refresh the SBTG install base. Try FindIT now for free for up to 25 devices.



AddOn and Comstor had identified 50+ top-selling SKUs and put the price down for you. Discover how you can boost your profitability with AddOn optical transceivers.

Perform Plus

Boost your business

New Cisco partner program that helps to increase partner profitability in Small & and Mid-size segment. Win rebates with Cisco and Comstor.

Cisco DNA Starter Kit Bundles

Available till 31 July 2021

The Cisco DNA Starter Kit bundles provide customers with extra
discount toward the purchase of a wired or wired- and-wireless lab kit.

Cisco Multi-Year Services Promotion

Available till 31 July 2021

The promotion offers an attractive discount on 3-year/5-year service contracts. Provide your customers with the best experience and support you can.

Get Recurring Revenue Easy

The advantage for your business, enrol now

Maximize recurring revenue with Lifecycle Advantage, a digital
engagement program for Partners that guides your customer through each
stage of the lifecycle with an automated series of co-branded emails.

VIP Q4 Accelerator

Valid until 31 July 2021

Earn an additional rebate of up to 5%, or 5 times the current payout percentage, on select VIP eligible products with Value Incentive Program (VIP) Accelerator.

Support your cutomers with flexible financing


Help your customers acquire the Cisco solutions they need to keep their business running while remove cash flow challenges stemming from the pandemic crisis.


Register with Comstor


Become a partner of the largest global Cisco Distributor and benefit from our expertise, services, team and much more.

Other architectures

Email Security and AMP4E Competitive Promotion

Until 31 July 2021

Email Security and Email Security Plus bundles,
AMP for Endpoints, all Email Security hardware
appliances, and receive free basic email policy
migration at high discount.

Account Breakaway and Competitive Deal Registration

Until 31 July 2021

Through Account Breakaway Deal Registration,
partners can receive a great discounts  on new next-generation security solutions. Competitive Discounts are now available for Network Security, AMP4E, & Email Security. New Account partners can qualify for an additional VIP Bonus* VIP terms apply.


Until 31 July 2021

Get top discount on software, so you can
build expertise in provisioning, deploying, and
managing a network.

Scale Play: Additional Security Offer

Until 31 January 2021

Get an additional discount when bundling Meraki MX or Firepower 1000 series with a cloud security product (Umbrella, DUO, AMP, AnyConnect).

Security deal registration discounts


Provide partners with deal protection and higher gross margins when competing head-to-head against email security competitors.

Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition

Until 31 July 2021

This comprehensive solution is made to be easy to sell – with a single PID for a fully-loaded firewall with simplified cloud management and logging, plus remote access VPN. It compliments our Meraki MX range, for customers that require more granular security control or greater throughput.

DUO: One year on us

Valid until 31 July 2021

Get one year of Duo on us when you purchase a minimum of three years of Duo MFA or Access edition.

SmartPlay Compute – Cascade Lake

Until 31 July 2021

Lead with SmartPlay Compute – Cascade Lake and
present your customer some of the most popular
selling UCS and HyperFlex configurations at a very
aggressive price.

Cisco Account Breakaway Program

Until 31 July 2021

The Cisco Account Breakaway Program is extended
into FY20 and rewards partners for finding, developing and selling into new accounts. The program covers UCS, HyperFlex Systems, Nexus and more.

Cisco Nexus and ACI Bundle Promotions

Until 31 July 2021

Help customers achieve business goals while maximizing Partner profitability by leveraging special Nexus, ACI, and MDS bundle promotions.

Better Together

Until 31 July 2021

A new collaboration promotion will be available for you in Q2. In case of purchase of new 68xx/78xx/88xx Series Desk Phone plus a 52x/53x wired or 56x wireless series Headset you can get high discount while combining these fantastic  collaboration products.

FLEX 3.0 Promotions

Until 31 July 2021

Promotions to help make FLEX even more attractive to your customers, with predictable pricing for SMB’s and discounts to encourage customers to migrate to FLEX.

Cisco Unified Workspace for Partners – CUWPCloud

Until 31 July 2021

Cisco offers two ways to help partners use, know, and sell Cisco collaboration solutions: The Cisco Unified Workspace for Partners (CUWP) Program gives you the opportunity to use Cisco solutions in your own business. You can also use the Cisco Collaboration Partner Demo, Lab Training (DLT) Bundle for internal demonstration and testing.

All Cisco Promotions

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Take advantage of the many promotions available to Cisco partners. Comstor is here to help optimize your deals and use all available programs and promotions.


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